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Sunday, December 02, 2001

8:12am est: Well, I've discovered that I misspelled my screen name here at Blogger when I signed up, and that seems to be the one thing that can't be edited or changed. That's what I get for doing things so early in the morning and only paying half attention...

Today I sent out my first issue of the new Pet Peeves newsletter I created at Topica. So far I have 29 subscribers, which isn't too shabby considering that so far I've only sent out 201 invitations, that's almost a 15% return! I'm learning that it's not so easy, though... the first time through I got "bumped" just as I was ready to hit "send" and had to re-type the whole thing... so perhaps from now on I should type it up in Word first and then cut and paste it to the list. Also when I DID send it there were typos, for one I didn't put anything in the subject line, and I called my first peever a brave "sould" instead of "soul". Well... live and learn!