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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Happy Dance

Took my car to be repaired at about 8am and got it back by 4pm. How's that for service? A lot of shops wouldn't have had it done 'til the next day. Of course, we're about $550 poorer now... but hopefully it'll keep running long enough for me to find a job and get my first paycheck... but barring that, you nice people can always go to and sponsor me!
; )


allie said...

yay for a fixed car - i need to do that my own self.. but it's gonna have to wait until the next paycheck - this one was all about car insurance!!

Sister Sunshine said...

I hear you on that score! My 18 year old son's share TRIPLES the cost of our car insurance. UGH!

muddysneakers said...

wow, i'm impressed there are car repair places that offer same day service. of course, many shops have promised me same day service, but they always end up telling me to come back the next day.

Hollywood, FL. Isn't that near Ft.Lauderdale? Forgive me if my geography is off!

Sister Sunshine said...

Yes, you're absolutely correct. Hollywood is just south of Ft. Lauderdale! (And we have an awesome beach...)