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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Monday Madness!

Since in this part of the world, we are in the midst of changing seasons, I was inspired to ask the following.......

Using the letters in the word 'AUTUMN' describe your favorite season.


Sister Sunshine said...

Ha ha! It seems like all the posts that appeared to not go through yesterday went through today! But oh! All the missed comments and opportunities to comment!

Guess I'll have to go blogsurfing 'round and make up for it today.

All the kids back in school...
Unusual birds begin to arrive here in south Florida
The sun grows less intense, yet it is still quite hot
Up early to make certain kids have all they need
Moonlit evenings are cool and comfortable
Nearing harvest time

Was that what we were supposed to do? I mean, I know I was supposed to describe my favorite season, but since I don't really have a preference, I just described autumn itself.
: )

Jan said...

I'm sure there is no wrong way to answer; your answer is quite beautiful actually.

Sister Sunshine said...

Thank you!
: )