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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Surfing the blogroll...

In between chores today, as I was surfing the blogs I haven't visited lately, I came across this story in this post which really made me stop in my tracks. But for the grace of God... there go I. My heart really goes out to these people.


Dr. Rob said...

My wife is Ukrainian so of course we were shocked to hear of this massacre, but I must say this is a one off, we in England are shocked to hear of the gun crime in your schools in the US, I mean here we don't yet have metal detectors etc in our schools but it's coming, kids here in the UK tend to carry knives.

The reason so many were killed at Beslan is because the first day of the new school year in the former Soviet Union is a special day all the parents and younger kids go to school to visit with and give presents to the teachers. It is meant to be a happy day.

Sister Sunshine said...

It's unbelievably tragic. It kills me to think of that happening... to strangers. Much less to someone I know and love! I can not imagine the incredible grief those people feel.
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