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Monday, November 15, 2004

Good/evil balance changed again...

I guess it's a good sign, because the evil seems to be diminishing. Gosh, I sure hope it doesn't take a turn in the other direction...

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enginerd said...

It's not that Indian ad-men lack creativity as such. There are some real genius out there who, from time to time, turn in some of the most enthralling campaigns. The problem I feel is with the Indian consumer mindset and the way most people comprehend this mindset.

For far too long now, Indian advertising has remained a slave to big names,like movie stars and sports personalities. Products are therefore *remembered* not by the ad or its concept in particular, but by the personality appearing in it. This star influence to an extent is acceptable, but in Indian scenario, it has definitely gone overboard and it is only resulting in suppression of the possibility of more interesting and eye-catching ads.

Sister Sunshine said...

I know this comment will be confusing to some of my regular readers: it is a reply to a comment I made on another blog.
; )

My response to this is:

That's a shame. I'm sure you've seen some of the great ads of the world here on the internet. Some of them are truly brilliant!