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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Monday Madness!

Let's have some fun! More fill-in-the-blanks! =)

1. ___________ is more fun to celebrate than any other holiday.
2. The last vacation I took was to __________.
3. The next vacation I plan to take will be to ___________.
4. I'd really like to be more _________.
5. I can't remember the last time I __________.
6. The book I last read (or am currently reading) is ________.
7. The last program I installed on my computer was ________.
8. When it comes to food, my weakness is _________.
9. I really look forward to spending time _________.

The last one is not a fill-in-the-blank, but a challenge........(completely optional, my friends!)
10. Choose a person's blog in the comment section, and welcome others to visit it, by leaving a link to their blog in your entry today. Like, check out:

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