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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Interesting information on the grading system

I have begun to use Google's "home page" and have laid it out with things that are of interest to me, at a glance.

Today had a teaser from Yahoo that reported on when the "A to F" grading system started, and why. In reading it, I followed a link to this page, which had truly disturbing information:

It is sad that the object of education has been lost in the methodology. The primary purpose of education is (duh!) TO EDUCATE!

Small wonder that while I've considered re-enrolling to obtain higher degrees, I've been hesitant, and now I'm more inclined than ever to embark upon a course of self-led study that will produce the same results, sans degree: but who cares?

I'm not looking for a J.O.B. in a corporate setting... in which I might be evaluated based upon my credentials on paper. What I desire most in life is to be FREE but productive. To perform my duties using my God-given talents to the utmost best of my abilities... while enjoying life.

In 2006 I plan to:
1. Publish my catalog of music
2. Go completely wireless... so that I can work from any location
3. Develop as many of my business ideas as possible... reach for the stars!

Maybe it's a product of my age... but I feel a sense of urgency that I hadn't noticed before. Maybe it was always there and I just ignored it... but now that I'm "tuned-in" to it... there is a LOT to do!

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