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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Taking bold measures

For those who deserve it.

I just faxed the following letter to "Live with Regis and Kelly":

Florida fan of Bleecker Street Bands wants to know why Regis doesn’t take us all on a tour of Greenwich Village and show us the great places that so many great musicians have played.

Bleecker Street:

A meeting place for such awesome acts as Bonnie Bowers, Benny Landa and Jenny Amlen… (all three currently perform in NYC and should be on your show!) among so many others, past and present.

The above-mentioned artists are all on a website you should take note of as well. It’s called and is home to an online melting-pot of talented unsigned independent artists who collaborate over the internet from thousands of miles away to lay down tracks for each other. This long-distance music deserves a look. There are several artists there who have posted such collaborative efforts.

I can’t afford to come to NYC and catch all my favorite acts there: Regis, you can bring them right into my living room. I beg of you, please… let me SEE them perform!

Very sincerely yours,

Mrs. Lydia Shelley

Of Hollywood Florida

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