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Monday, January 15, 2007

Club M gigs this week

Ed just called a while ago and said that the guy who normally has Monday nights at Club M is still out of town, but now that Monday night football is over the owner wants music... so Ed gets Mondays until further notice and therefore I'm gonna go play with him a bit tonight. (10ish)

Tomorrow, of course, we have our usual open mic. night, which starts at 9 due to popular demand... we used to start at 10. If it gets much earlier we'll be into Happy Hour!

And Friday I have my "Sweet Ladies of South Florida" Musician's Showcase at Club M, also beginning at 9. The lineup is:

The Rosytones
Sister Sunshine (me)
Lina Marquez
Christine Luther
Upside-Down Jenny
Consider the Violet
and a special late-night break time appearance by B.O.B. band member Sheryl Munoz!

I expect to have an electrifying evening, and lots of fun. Here's to some of the sweetest ladies South Florida has to offer!

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