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Sunday, June 30, 2002

I hope I get out of this rut and come to a point where I have something more interesting than my boring humdrum daily existence to write about, soon!
I caught the cold that Sarah and the baby had... Sarah's over it, the baby's ALMOST over it... and I'm sick as a dog. Go figure. I'm glad THEY'RE feeling better, though!

Thursday, June 27, 2002

We went to church last night. We got there late, but we made it... then when we got home I had to wake Bob up to let us in cuz my house key was not on the keychain with my car key... but I put it on as soon as we got in so it won't happen again!

Bob decided we can't afford a dryer right now. I'm bummed. : (

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Took Sarah and Selena to the doctor today. Selena got a vaccine, Sarah a recheck on her lungs. Doc says he wants to see Sarah back in a month, and if she continues to improve like she has been, at that time he'll discontinue all her meds.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Frank is at Joanna's house painting the kitchen. He'll be home in another hour or so... I hope he's not too tired to be of some help when he gets here!
He's playing with her and being loud again. C'est la vie...
Now he's dumped her, and she still wants to play with him...
Now Timmy is attempting to amuse his baby sister... and it's hard to let him, cuz in amusing HER he's being very noisy and annoying!
It's been an especially rough day today. We managed to get to church, but while I was there I hurt my back, trying to pick Selena up. Then while I was in bed trying to rest my back, the baby fell off the couch and hit her head. : (

Saturday, June 22, 2002

On the way up there was a huge accident, and apparently on the way back, too. We waited through the whole traffic jam on the way up, but on the way back managed to escape it.
Bob and I went to the drive-in last night and saw "Windtalkers". It was pretty good. Last time we went to the drive-in we saw "We Were Soldiers". Interesting... LOL

Friday, June 21, 2002

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Frank is being lazy about doing work people ask him to do, and it's irritating to me, because I have no income, and want him to be grateful he has an opportunity to put some money in his pocket.
I let Sarah spend the night at Ashley's last night and she still hasn't come home yet. I wonder if she's even woken up yet? She gives me the hardest time... I'm not looking forward to getting her up for school in a couple months.
Timmy didn't understand what he was supposed to be doing, and he couldn't comprehend my explanation, either. Finally, I asked Joey to explain it to him. Now they're getting along... wish it were always like that!
Now stupid waol has kicked me offline, so I gotta find what I was looking at before it happened. Aaaargh!
On the other hand, the evenings are going to be difficult, as I know they're going to resist doing their homework.
I think I'm going to enjoy having the kids in school during the day when they go this fall... but not sure yet. It's a lot of work to get them ready & get them there... I have to get up at about 4:45 am to get Sarah up so she can be at the bus stop before 6... then I have to leave here at 7 with the boys to get them to school in time for breakfast. ALL of them want to eat breakfast at school... which is fine, since we qualify for free breakfast, why not? Saves us some money, time, and effort...
My, where on earth does the time go? Whew! Took Frank to BCC yesterday, to investigate whether or not he's really interested in going to COLLEGE as opposed to TECHNICAL SCHOOL. He is supposed to go tonight, to an orientation at Sheridan Vo-Tech to learn more about that... time will tell.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Managed to get to church & help out with the nursery today... there were two little girls in there who really liked me... but then they brought Selena over cuz she was fussy, and I had to go change/nurse her... and when I left to do that, the two little girls, Madison and Alexis, started crying as if I were their mommy... it was so endearing/heartbreaking!

Saturday, June 15, 2002

I'm so happy to have some peaceful quiet time all to myself... while the baby sleeps and everyone else is gone. I wish I could have this on a regular basis, but a little is better than none at all!!!
Oh yeah... I never did get around to telling about my birthday, did I? Let's see. Bob got me some clothes from the kids, and Frank bought me 5 of my favorite candy bar (available only at our local Target store)

We all went out to eat at Denny's, with a little help from Frank's girlfriend, Joanne, since we don't all fit in the car together at one time... then we all (also with Joanne) went to the movies to see "Spirit". It was the nicest birthday I've had in years. Oh, and the best part... Jo backed me a chocolate birthday cake with chocolate chips in the frosting... yummy!
Rain rain rain... it's pouring down outside. Sarah had wanted to go to the beach this morning, but the weather was already bad. Bob and I still haven't gone out for our anniversary, which was the 5th... last night we were going to, but by the time he was ready it was too late and I was too tired, plus the baby wouldn't settle down. So he and Frankie went out to shoot pool instead.

Now they're all at the movies... Frankie took Bob and the other kids to see "Attack of the Clones" as his Father's Day gift to his dad... I was invited, but declined since Selena didn't exactly sit well through the movie on my birthday.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

sharing a candy bar with Selena... she's fat & sassy! over 20 lbs, now
Sigh. Sarah just yelled to tell me the baby wants me... I had left her in her crib after changing her diaper... 5 minutes of peace. Coulda had 2 hours if I had only changed her diaper BEFORE nursing her!!!
So far so good... I think they're all watching cartoons.
I just nursed the baby to sleep... then noticed the odor coming from her diaper... had to change her, which meant waking her up. Damn! I wish I'd changed her before nursing her... but didn't realize she was poopy then...
Okay. I got the boys done with their homeschooling for today, and I'm giving 'em tomorrow off for flag day... since there are no other holidays in June to let 'em off for...

I fed everyone tacos, with a little help from Frank and his gf, Joanna...

I let them have their candy (dessert) then told them to clean their rooms, now they're all quiet cuz they're afraid I'll check and see that their rooms are not satisfactorily clean, LOL
I think Joey's biggest problem is that he won't ask for help when he needs it. He spends too much time paying attention to what other people are doing, and not enough attention to what he should be doing.
Joey is still not comprehending some of his work. However, I think they'll go over that in school... it's stuff that a lot of kids don't understand at his age, so I think it'll be okay.
I hope I can get the boys ready for school by the time it starts. They will be hard-pressed to fit into their grade levels...

It serves me right for having been so lazy about their homeschooling for so long!
Selena is getting to be very hard to handle... since she's mobile, she wants to get into everything, and requires constant supervision. I'd be afraid to leave for any length of time, because I don't think anyone else will keep her out of trouble.
I tried to log in here yesterday, but couldn't. I can't believe how hard it is lately for me to keep up online!

Friday, June 07, 2002

wow... it seems like I never have the time or energy to say much here... what a bummer

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I had a great birthday yesterday... but I'm too tired to tell about it, just as I was when I finally logged on last night. Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Gonna log off
Shit. She's already awakened.
Well... a few more hours and I'll be 37 years old. Whoo hoo!
Just got done bathing her, nursing her, and getting her to bed. Hope she doesn't wake back up any time soon...
Baby's awake... time to bathe her!
I let Frank go out with Joanna today to TY park, and told him that he didn't have permission to stay out 'til 10pm, but didn't tell him when I DID expect him home... my bet is he'll show up at 9:30.
I see I'm going to have to hit the "post & publish" button from now on, instead of ctrl+enter, or it posts but doesn't publish.
She's sleeping now... wonder how long that'll last. Sarah hurt herself... cut her wrist while the kids were moving a board at a neighbor's house looking for lizards. I hope it's okay... don't wanna make a trip to the ER.
Baby's getting fussy too... so all signs point to logging off. : (
I'm gonna have to log off soon to do housework... but at least I made it here to say SOMETHING today...
I've continued to pass out flyers with Frankie's lawn service on one side and my errand service on the other side. So far no one is calling for my errand service, but there are plenty of people calling for Frankie. Oh well. At least one of us is getting some work!
We didn't go to church today. I had trouble sleeping last night... and Sarah wouldn't take her bath (as usual) plus she stayed up too late. Frank stayed out in the driveway with Joanna 'til after midnight... and when I woke up this morning and finally got out of bed, everyone, including Bob, was asleep... he in the reclining chair in Sarah's room. I'm tired of trying to get everyone to do things they don't want to do... on the other hand, without a leader, these guys will just wander around bline. God give me strength!!!

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Ahhhh finally finished my salad... baby's still going... like the energizer bunny!
Would you believe I'm still working on the salad?
I got Bob to take her so I can finish my salad...
Back to nursing her again now... so much for trying to eat my salad!
Joey had her. He just brought her in saying the bugs were gonna eat her up. It poured down rain last night, so there are puddles everywhere... but they're rapidly drying up in the 85 degree heat.
As soon as I stood up to put her down, she woke up. So I fed her lunch... and now I don't know who has her. Sarah took her out of the high chair, and I think she passed her off to Frankie. I'm glad for the break!
Ahhhh... she's asleep! Now if I can just put her down without waking her up!
Still nursing... boy can she ever take a long time to fall asleep!
Now I'm nursing the baby yet again (as usual) and hoping she'll go down for a nice nap?
I am still irritable, but I played frisbee with the kids yesterday, and that seems to have helped the wrist... musta snapped something back into place?