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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Name removed due to the fact he's been forgiven. Thanks for caring.

I have just been insulted by the aforenamed individual, who had the nerve to say "I know I'm better than you."

He called me a loser and took every single statement I made to him out of context. I have never seen anything like it.

It all started over this "Global Warming" movie and our differences of opinion on the movie and subject matter. After going back and forth and growing ever more heated in debate, he had the nerve to say he cares about his fellow man.

I told him I thought that was bullshit because he'd go put $2k in a stripper's g-string, but he'd never help out a friend like me whose vehicle is about to be repossessed.

Okay... so maybe I am a loser. I sure as hell can't come up with the money to NOT lose what I have, so what else can you call me at this point?

But to say he's better than me? Pshaw! He could just as easily find himself in my shoes next year, after his wild spending habits catch up to him or he runs over and kills someone while out driving drunk. So who is the WORST loser?

I rest my case.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I am so ashamed sometimes...

I was watching tv today, and saw this program with Dr. Wayne Dyer and a woman named Immaculée Ilibagiza. I want to remember her clearly the next time I am tempted to sit upon my "pity pot" and feel sorry for myself regarding whatever situation I am in.

This woman stayed hidden in a cramped space of about 4x3' with seven other women during the genocide of her people in 1994. For THREE MONTHS she stayed hidden, weighing an astonishing 65 pounds upon her release from this hideous situation.

She found God in there... in the depth of her misery and suffering, she found God. And the most profound thing she said when I heard her speak on PBS today was: "When we hurt ANYONE else, ultimately, we hurt ourselves somehow." For more of what this astonishing woman has to say, go to:

Friday, June 02, 2006

So Tired...

I'm so tired of people who promise the moon and deliver NOTHING. I have been hopeful for months now, and NO NAMES MENTIONED HERE but there have been numerous. Not one, or a few or even just several but NUMEROUS parties who have really let me down over the past six months.

I'm tired of having a carrot (work) dangled before me, then chasing after it, but never receiving it. I'm dreading the day my van is repo'ed. And don't tell me I could get a job because I have interviewed from Boca to south Miami (the furthest I could possibly expect to commute) and come up empty.

I've even had contracts with people who never paid a deposit nor went through with the deal. At this point I'm so disgusted with humanity I'm ready to shave my head bald again and rub ashes on myself.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Myspace acting up, birthday, etc.

I don't know what's going on over there, but it's getting to be really annoying. I sure hope they get it straightened out soon.

The closest I could come to properly acknowledging the many wonderful birthday wishes people have sent was to leave a blog post. (over there)

In other news, I continue to be in the red financially but have been working on some projects that should bring money later. For now, though, it's slim pickins.