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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Larry K Mason for President!

Okay. He probably wouldn't take the job unless we made him do it... but this man is truly brilliant. He has the solutions to our economic problems because he's figured out the true root.

Larry's plan would provide all citizens with free basic food, clothing, shelter, transportation and medical care as well as all levels of education. At the same time it would eliminate hunger and starvation, obviously, as well as homelessness, the need for insurance, and the need to save or borrow for an education.

Not only that, but people would no longer stay in bad relationships for economic reasons, nor would anyone need to sell their body in order to feed the kids or keep a roof over their heads.

There are so many benefits to the sort of system my friend advocates, but to judge for yourself you must read what he has written. I assure you it is unlike anything else you have ever read. This is not a form of government... it is a new type of economic system. Take a look and then please write me or comment here!