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Friday, June 02, 2006

So Tired...

I'm so tired of people who promise the moon and deliver NOTHING. I have been hopeful for months now, and NO NAMES MENTIONED HERE but there have been numerous. Not one, or a few or even just several but NUMEROUS parties who have really let me down over the past six months.

I'm tired of having a carrot (work) dangled before me, then chasing after it, but never receiving it. I'm dreading the day my van is repo'ed. And don't tell me I could get a job because I have interviewed from Boca to south Miami (the furthest I could possibly expect to commute) and come up empty.

I've even had contracts with people who never paid a deposit nor went through with the deal. At this point I'm so disgusted with humanity I'm ready to shave my head bald again and rub ashes on myself.

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