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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Helluva Day!

Well... let's see. First my dd wakes me up saying she'd overslept and missed the bus (which wouldn't have happened if I had not been sleeping myself...)

So I jump up and drive her to school... after which I get back in bed for a few hours... since dh gets home in time to take ds#3 to school.

I DRAGGED myself out of bed at about 9:45 am, called Seetha, who had expressed interest in going with us to the park today... but she was worried by the overcast weather and begged off for this time. Good thing, too, cuz I had made plans to meet Michelle from Freecycle there and her car wouldn't start today. So I picked her and her baby up on the way, thus filling up my car pretty much to capacity.

Stayed at the park from noon 'til about 2:30, then took Michelle and Catherine back home, went to my house, switched cars, and picked Timmy up from school... (ds#3)

Stopped in a local food store for some candy, mainly so my 3 year old could give a candy bar to an old lady from whom we were obtaining a computer through Freecycle...

Turned out that the old lady wasn't there, but her daughter will give her the candy bar. My new toy is a MacIntosh PowerG3 (beige) and I got it for Selena to use. She loves to play with the art program on the old Performa that we call "Granny Mac"

Then I went grocery shopping... came home and did a bit of this and a bit of that... hooked up the Performa to the monitor that came with the other computer and let Selena fool around with that for a while, then after she went to bed I put the Performa away and hooked up the G3.

Also tonight I've been downloading Christmas songs. I'm pooped. Now that I've bored you all to tears, good night.

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