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Friday, July 01, 2005

Gotta share!

Things have been topsy turvy, and I've been working all I can to cover all my bases, which I've done fairly well. Sometimes (like most folks) I get nervous about "keeping the hamster wheel going" and continuing to stay afloat.

This week I had two portentious omens, which I feel are significant to me. On my way to my first (primary) job at the beginning of the week, I saw a rainbow in the west. This job happens to lie west of where I do, so I felt that my week was truly blessed at that point... but didn't have any idea how that would play out.

Suffice it to say that despite a bit of concern over my boss's apparent disappearance on Monday (which was promptly cleared up on Tuesday) this week has been a pretty good one at that office. We are actually going to be written up in a local paper, part of an article about one of our clients that was sparked by a recent press release. As that boss says: "Life is GOOD."

On my second job, sometimes I don't work very many hours... but he has a lot of great ideas for future work, which may really turn out to be beneficial to me.

While leaving the second job yesterday, I saw a faint rainbow, then a glorious DOUBLE rainbow to the east. This job (as you may surmise) lies to the east of where I live...

Today, the east boss gave me a $1/hr raise. Right now that only amounts to about $10/wk... but he also mentioned some other work that he would like me to get involved in, he just wasn't sure if I could find the time for it. I told him I would make time for something particularly worthwhile.

Stay tuned for further developments.

I'm sorry I don't mention the names of my current employers or their companies, but I'm wary of being "Dooced" and prefer to protect them from association with my (ahem) colorful self through anonymity.

However, if one of them reads this and would like for me to add links to their sites and tell my readers who they are, I'd be happy to oblige.
: )

Oh... forgot to mention, I'm also tutoring a former coworker in Miami. I try to make it by there for a few hours every weekend. He had never had/used a computer, so I got him one, initially through Freecycle, then later traded up to a more useful machine when he began to progress. Now he's ready to speed up his 'net access (tired of dialup already) and we're getting him hooked up with broadband cable.

Wow! That was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! See what happens when I let my fingers do the talking?

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