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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No one comments any more

I have made it nearly impossible for the spammers to get through with their viagra ads and stuff... but no one else is leaving comments either. I had thought since my life was getting a little less boring that I might find more feedback, but alas, I think my online friends have gone to greener pastures.

I know that even at its most exciting my life is still a little on the dead side these days. But it's getting more and more interesting every day. Well... here's to the day when it finally gets to the point where I have readers again.

Or do I have readers that just don't have anything to say? I just don't know. My stats say people visit this page... but the lack of comments suggests that they were either just passing though or found nothing worth saying something about here. Well... unless y'all tell me, I guess I'll never know why.

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