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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Being, apparently, a parent...

Being a parent is as individual a thing as one's personality. There's the milk-and-cookies mom that we all wished was waiting at home for us after school, and the working mom which most of us DID have. I wonder how many of us really appreciate what a sacrifice that was for our mothers to make.

They had to choose to hand their children over to someone else to be raised, for the most part. And in this daycare society, that usually means someone the mother has never met before, has no idea of their background or morals... scary.

In our tribal past, the elders would have kept the tribe's children while the women went about the busy work of keeping things in order. The men would have gone out hunting, and it was a peaceful life until someone else decided they wanted the land your tribe inhabited.

It amazes me how history is full of examples that a piece of land, which no one could TRULY own, time and again proves to be of more value to someone than human lives. Oh, the stories that were lost forever when the last voice that told them was silenced. And the songs... and artwork.

I think that as a society if we continue to move further and further away from a tribal lifestyle we are nailing humanity's coffin shut in the process.

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