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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Here is a list I made:
Reasons to NOT have the kids in school: 1. Lice 2. Illness 3. bad habits learned from other kids 4. We have to work just as hard with them on their homework as we do homeschooling them 5. Timmy's not ready, and Joey's easily frustrated 6. The boys' glasses (easily lost, stolen, or broken, and expensive to replace) 7. school clothes to buy 8. school supplies need to constantly be replenished because they lose them 9. it feels wrong 10. the attitude of the teachers and staff 11. they learn the values of their peers, teachers, the school system, and the government rather than ours - values that may be diametrically opposed to our own.
Reasons to have the kids in school: 1. make friends 2. we don't have to teach them (which isn't really true (see #4 above) 3. OTHER PEOPLE think we should
So, that's my rationale. I had more than three times as many cons as pros.

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