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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

I'm tired of being housebound already, but still too sore to think about going anywhere. : ( My husband is loading the dishwasher now. I don't know why he bothers... he always runs it on a light cycle so the dishes don't even get clean... then he wonders why, and complains that after spending all that money the dishwasher doesn't work. Well, it works fine for me, but I use a longer cycle! Plus I don't like the liquid detergent... the gritty stuff cleans better. C'est la vie. I'd rather keep my mouth shut and let him be stupid. At least he's wearing himself out... then he'll go to bed and sleep 'til after I've gone to bed tonight. Thank God he's going back to work tomorrow. I hate it when he's off work... it distrupts my routine. I want him to go to the damn store now, but he's resisting. Sigh. Oh well.

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