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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I'm getting very tired. Walking to and from the bus stop with a heavy backpack is exhausting... and apparently the car's not going to be repaired for ANOTHER week. They want it dropped off on a Monday or Tuesday... who cares what they want? It is ridiculous that we should be inconvenienced like this. We are not the ones who wrecked our car... we were rear-ended... the victims in the situation. They say the car is driveable, but with a taillight out I don't want to risk getting a ticket.

Frankie is treating me like dirt, and I'm tired of it. His girlfriend has become the center of his universe, and when I tell him to do something or not to do something, he just waits 'til I go to school then does as he pleases because he knows his father will let him do whatever he wants. This causes further tension between Bob and myself as I think he's entirely too lenient and permissive (read "doormat") and it just makes me sick. Divorce wouldn't help either, because then he would have even MORE license to spoil them when it was his turn to have them. Back to the old statement: I'd rather be a widow than a divorcee...

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