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Saturday, October 05, 2002

It started out this morning, when I got upset because my husband stated the intent to take my son to get his learner's permit (for driving) Without consulting with me, and against my wishes... As it will add $250/month to our car insurance cost... for Frank to practice driving, he has to be on our insurance policy.
So THEN we went to the cub scout picnic, and on the way, Joanna (Frank's girlfriend) who came to help transport us all, cuz we don't all fit in our car... hit us (we had a car accident) So now our taillight is broken and the trunk of the car won't close.
I think Sarah (my oldest daughter) and I have whiplash, but I'm waiting 'til we've slept a night before going to have it checked out, because sometimes if they check you out too soon nothing shows up.
Well, the GOOD part is, now Frank is committed to getting a job to pay his own share of the car insurance rather than ME having to get a job and leave the baby for 12 hours a day (8 to work, 4 for school... plus more for travel time, really...)
I'm still not certain we'll get by without me getting a job soon... I don't know if we'll have to pay a deductable to have our car repaired, or if that will all be covered by Joanna's policy...
We need $48 for the boys' photo packages, and Sarah wants us to get pizza for her class for her presentation on the same day as the boys school pictures... so that'll be another $30 or so...
It (the car accident) was Joanna's fault. I stopped to let oncoming traffic enter the expressway ahead of us, and she thought I was going to go ahead and jump in front of them (perhaps because that's what SHE would have done?) Which makes me concerned about Frank driving around with her... I had already previously noted her tendency to speed...
I am really stressed out tonight :-(

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