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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hope and Dread

This new year has me full of conflicting emotions. I am encouraged by last year's successes, yet know that I must forever learn more to be capable of growing beyond my current situation.

I've made great strides, but now it is important that I do not lose momentum. I've just placed several new craigslist ads and also have my previously mentioned game plans in action... although postponed somewhat due to my husband's schedule being 12 hour shifts until further notice.

He'd rather pay my bills and have me free to pick up kids, etc. for now... and go back to earning for myself when work slows down for him. Nevertheless, I would like to have some "pots on the stove" so to speak... so I have been getting ever more creative in seeking projects.

I will design some websites for free in order to showcase my skills... especially for artists, bands and musicians. If you're interested: let me know!

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