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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Who's paying? YOU are.

I just heard another case of the State being sued and losing... in this case it's the thousands of people whose citrus trees were cut down during the attempt at controlling the citrus canker disease. Bottom line is... although the average Florida taxpayer had nothing to do with this fiasco, guess who gets to pay for it? Yep. The average Florida taxpayer.

Same thing in the case of a young man who was murdered in a public school bathroom. His parents won a multi million dollar award from the State: again, the average Florida taxpayer. The taxpayers didn't kill that kid, but they have to pay the price...

What can citizens do to prevent being raped like this? Good question. In the case of the murdered young man, volunteers in every public school bathroom MIGHT have prevented it - but would likely lead to allegations of perversion somewhere along the line.

Put cameras everywhere? That would have made no difference in the canker case.
Suggestions, anyone?

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