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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Hit a snag in typing up the songwriter's lyrics:

My daughter is "helping me" and expecting to get half the pay, no doubt...

Anyway, she typed up a WHOLE VOLUME (A 3-ring notebook) full of lyrics, and when she told me she was done, I took a floppy in there and saved it to the floppy... but didn't check it. (Mistake #1)

Then I got busy and didn't have time to check it for a while... and since she didn't hear from me that I didn't have a good copy: she deleted it from her hard drive (Mistake #2) and even went so far as to empty her recycling bin (Mistake #3)

So now I'll have to re-type a volume she had already typed, because she's already working on volume 5 (I was doing volume 4 when this occurred...)

Needless to say this puts me WAY behind schedule on the project, and I didn't even email with a progress report to the songwriter this week out of sheer embarrassment.
: (

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