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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I've been reading Renee's blog Skwigg Blog lately, and it's made me feel guilty about neglecting my own. Unfortunately, my life isn't nearly as interesting as hers at the moment... and when it DOES get more interesting, I may not have enough time to log in and blog it... but I'll try.

Today I was going to change up my routine a bit, and try a stair climber for my cardio, but there was no clock handy, and the watch I use on weight-training days has a broken band, so I couldn't figure out how to measure my time, and went back to the "treadmill room" where there's a clock on the wall. I'll get it figured out eventually. I want to start using the stair climber every other cardio workout, because I'm improving... but I don't want to hit a plateau. It's time to do something a bit different.

Now, to backtrack a bit... I finished school as scheduled, and have been focusing on my weight-training and cardio workouts. I also wanted to get my house cleaned up, but so far I only did the living room. (Baby steps) In time, I'm sure it will all come together.

I took Selena (my two-year old) to the gym with me today, and she had a fun half hour in the nursery. Afterward, we went to the discount vitamin store, where I purchased some more of the liquid Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement I got last time... I love the stuff. It really works well for me. I also got some multivitamins for Bob (my husband) per his request... and then we went to Wal-Mart and picked up his birthday present: a pair of weightlifting gloves. I had wanted to get him a belt... but they didn't have them. I tried not to spend too much, since I had to use my credit card... and he'll end up having to pay for it himself! But I wanted to get him SOMETHING!

Well, I guess I'll wrap up this entry. I'm sure no one wants to hear about the mundane tasks I need to log off and attend to (housework, etc.) but they must be done... oh, and today I want to make my "skinny pictures" a priority. That means I'm going to go through all the photo albums for pictures of me the way I used to look... and want to look again. However, when I looked that way before, it was not a healthy slimness... it was a half-starved, low-energy, flabby thinness. I don't want to be like THAT again... just that SIZE! When I was thin before, I thought I had to starve myself down to 100 lbs to fit into a size 3. Now I know that 130 lbs of muscular leanness will ALSO fit into a size 3... and still have energy for all of life's challenges!

One last note: on a hunch, I got up today and tried on some shorts I haven't fit into for a while... the size 10's fit! Yay! Now to get into the 9's... and then 7's!

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