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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just call me the brilliant Retard

Okay. I use a tv tray for the keyboard on my computer, because the little keyboard tray that slides out fell off years ago and was never fixed. (Typical around here)

Soooooooooooo... I sat down here with my post-workout meal, to catch up on email etc. and eat... and set my plate with a hamburger, mushrooms, and green beans between the keyboard and myself. Something I do all the time. What I DON'T do all the time is reach for a pen and knock the whole blasted thing over, dumping all of my food into the keyboard and behind the armoire whose back is loose...

I picked up the part on my keyboard, but the part that fell back behind will have to wait. (I actually ate the part I rescued... but the stuff back behind will go in the garbage.)

I thought of Renee (skwigg) when I did this... and I'm going to copy and paste this blog post into a post to the BFL Women's group which she moderates. I hope she gets a good laugh out of it!
: )

Had a great workout this morning... although it took me almost two hours to complete! Then we stopped at the Supplement Warehouse and got me some more Myoplex Lite. Unless I get a job soon, I don't know how much longer we're going to be able to afford the supplements I take, though. : (

This afternoon I get to (oh joy!) take my daughter Sarah shopping for some school clothes, etc. I will be GLAD when THAT is over!!!

Well, I don't seem to have anything else to say, so I guess it's time to get moving. Ta!

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