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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Just another day in the life...

The Wonderful World of Sister Sunshine
I was on the go all day today, so it feels good to sit here at the computer and be a bit lazy... even though I know I need to do the dread housework!

At the gym, I started a new cardio routine, which I'll be doing every other cardio day from now on. I used the stairmaster: not the one that looks like an elliptical trainer, but the one that looks like a short escalator. BOY! Did I ever feel THAT! I put it on level one... but was already sweating THE FIRST MINUTE! By the 20th minute, I felt like I was gonna die. The only thing that kept me going was thinking of all my fellow BFLers in the Body for Life Women's Club and Women on Body for Life. I know it's one of the best cardio workouts I'm gonna get!

After that, I went to the bank to get some cash out... (boring) and to my school to pick up my degree. They had spelled my name wrong, so they had to reprint it!

While I was there, the kids (Selena & Timmy) and I had a bite to eat (I've been naughty today, and not sticking to my BFL authorized foods...) and I spoke to the Executive Director about putting a flyer up there for private tutoring. He gave me the go-ahead, so I'll be working on that over the weekend, to be ready next week.

I had forgotten to bring a diaper bag with me, so next stop was home to change the baby... and back out to do "school supply" shopping. We were able to get ALMOST everything at Target... but they didn't have the "Agenda/Planner" that Timmy needed, so we went to K-Mart too before we came home... at which time I had to go right back out with Timmy to order his shirts for the new Charter School he's going to be attending this fall. Since they didn't accept cash... I then had to drop by MY bank (the one I hit earlier was my hubby's) and deposit $$$ to cover the check I wrote them!

Since I was already in downtown Hollywood at the bank, I stopped off at the Post Office to check my P.O. Box... and Timmy wanted to walk over and check out the progress they're making on building his school (hard to believe it will be ready in 2 weeks!)

Finally I got to come home and take a much-needed BATH. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh if only I had some Calgon! But it was still refreshing. What a busy day! I can only imagine what it will be like when I get a job... but the income sure will be nice to have!

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