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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Maxed out

Well... I went as high as I can go on the treadmill's incline. Who knew that 15 was the highest? I guess if it got any steeper, people would fall off, LOL

I'm gonna query the ladies in the groups and ask 'em what they think I should do. I can either switch to another piece of equipment, or go back down to zero incline and start increasing the speed. I'm a little afraid of running on the treadmill... we'll see what sage advice they all have. I'll post my decision here after I've made up my mind.

BTW... I never did get around to scanning my skinny pics. I really MUST do that soon. If not today, maybe tomorrow...

I had to drive Frank's Jeep (which has no A/C or radio : () to the gym today because Bob needed the car to take the kids shoe shopping. He is running out of money... and I'm starting to get worried. I really need to get a job, but I'm trying to wait until after the graduation ceremony next Friday to begin looking in earnest. I hope it won't be too little, too late!

Frank is out of town on a business trip... should be back late tomorrow. I guess he'll have Monday off. Bob is on vacation this week... so maybe on Monday they can do something together for once. The DID manage to go see Catwoman the other day.

It's so peaceful here right now... with no one else home. I've run a bath, and I'll be getting into it shortly. Gotta reboot the computer anyway... Windows Update.

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