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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Letter to Jagermeister

Actually, I wrote to their promo company with this one:

I was singing at Club M in Hollywood Florida last night, when I choked. I mean REALLY choked. Broke up coughing: after the first song! "Holy crap!" I thought... "I'd better find my cough drops!" But lo and behold, there were none. Sorrowfully, I shook my head and told the disappointed assemblage that I could no longer perform. "Oh," said Ed... the host, "have you ever tried Jagermeister?" Which I had not, as I live under a rock and rarely creep out into the world... so I gave it a try. ONE SHOT - and I was able to perform a flawless set, my vocals perfect. Yes, I could definitely promote any product that will do that! Jagermeister: THE vocal elixir. No doubt about it.

BTW... I made a new email address. It's

And to bands of all sizes and styles, check out the promotional kick you get from Jagermeister!

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