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Monday, February 27, 2006

Long strange trip

I have made a decision that a lot of people aren't very happy with, but it is mine to make nonetheless.

I'm putting my music up on the web... and not charging for downloads.

I have already had my lyrics online for years, so people need to just get over it.

If I'm meant to be wealthy I will be: but not at the expense of my reasoning.

How many more people will hear my music if I give it away for free than if I demand money for it? I am much more interested in having my music span the globe than I am in a petty monetary reward.

I fully believe that my methodology is sound. I will not explain it in detail here, but would be delighted to expound upon its virtues to anyone who cares to email me privately about it.

Well, off to get some work done. Websites don't build themselves!


nomikkh said...

I think its a great idea. Hopefully more artists will jump on the bandwagon.

Sister Sunshine said...

: )