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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

I had a loooong day today!!! I got up and showered, fed the baby, and left the house at 10:30. I didn't get home 'til 5 so my poor baby wasn't too happy! I had an appointment with my shrink at 11... she says she talked to the DCF worker and doesn't think she'll need to be seeing me for much longer, maybe 3 more visits or so. (I guess she wants me to make another car payment for her before I go, LOL) anyway... then I went to the cell phone place to talk to the guy, and when I came out Giles was on the sidewalk on his cell phone (he has a photography studio he's opening up two doors down) and was trying to get someone to help him pick up some frames he bought... he had too many to fit in his car. So I volunteered, and he bought me lunch afterwards. Then I went to Fort Lauderdale and got my check from Captain Telegram, which was $20 less than I had thought. Turns out the gig paid $30 plus a $20 tip and $5 for gas, I had thought the base pay was $50. Oh well, I still wouldn't have turned down the opportunity to make some money. Doing that singing telegram was fun. After that I dropped off my cell phone to be fixed, picked up Ashley from school (the little girl I'm getting paid $20/week or $5/day to pick up after her swim practice) and went to cash the check I got. I made the mistake of offering to get Ashley a soda and asking her if she'd like anything else while I was at it... ended up spending $10 at Subway as a result! Oh well. Her parents take my kids out to eat all the time, so I can't really complain! Finally, before coming home I went to pick up my cell phone and found out there was no charge for the repair! Hallelujah! I was happy about that! And I talked to my husband when I got home about paying off my cell phone bill as well as getting the things I need for the multitracker from Guitar Center... I think he's going to, but we also need to get the car's brakes done as well as buy a new washing machine. Nevertheless, he got $2500 so I don't think asking for 10% of that is too much...

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