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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

I just couldn't wake up this morning... so Selena and I slept in 'til almost 10am. Bob washed all the dishes and cooked breakfast... after going for a run with the two younger boys. Sarah was going to go, but she claims her "butt hurts" cuz the youngest boy, Timmy, knocked her down on rollerblades yesterday. Oh well, at least they got some exercise... I've been laying off cuz the weather's been cruddy and I've been more tired than usual... I think it's just because my period's returned. Oh joy.

I guess I'd better get some better vitamins. The cheap Publix vitamins I've been taking don't appear to be doing me any good at all... and Bob offered to get me some from GNC.

The washing machine is acting up again... I don't know if we're going to have it repaired or just buy a new one with the tax refund money. I just know that the 30 loads a week we do is highly inconvenient to take to the laundrymat. Not to mention I'm paranoid of losing things at the laundrymat, ever since, years ago, I left some robes in the dryer and someone stole them by the time I got back when I realized I didn't have them!

Sarah said she was going to fix lunch... she cleaned the table (allegedly to do so) then got out the Monopoly game. Oh... now she says she's putting it away 'til after lunch. Okay. Well, the baby's fussing, so I guess I'd better end this for now and pick her up.

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