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Thursday, March 28, 2002

Tired tired tired. Took Sarah and Selena to Sawgrass Mills Mall and walked walked walked all over the place. Got everything we set out to buy... plus she talked me into taking her to dinner at the (expensive) Rainforest Cafe. The dinner was $30.60, plus I tipped the guy $7, and we had drinks waiting for our table, so that was another $8. Jeez. We had a good time, but I sure wish I had some income to keep up with that outflow! Bob gave me $100 for shopping, but I know he didn't intend for us to have an expensive meal. Sigh.

Found the missing sleeping bag. Timmy went right to it, saying he "guessed" where it was... hidden under other things in the corner of the boys room closet. Yeah, right. Just like he didn't try to light a cigarette, which is why he's grounded. Although I grounded him longer for lying about it. He's had a big problem lately with telling the truth. He's also been rather destructive lately. Don't know what the hell his problem is, but I hope he gets over it quickly!

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