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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Well, I went and did the singing telegram yesterday, and the recipient was delighted. Not only that, but since he was a bartender at a fancy yacht and country club... there was a full house for lunch and they applauded nicely when I was finished with each song. He even walked me outside when I was done. He offered to carry some of my equipment, but I told him no, that it was my job. I sang the new song I just learned without butchering it too badly... and also two of my original love songs whose lyrics can be found on my lyrics page: "Fantasy Romance" and "My Soulmate and Friend". The lyrics page link is at and there are other links there as well.

I don't get paid 'til next Tuesday... and now that I've broken the ice by doig this, I'm hoping they'll have more work for me in the future. The hardest part was getting to the gig... I was about five or ten minutes late due to the thick Miami traffic.

On a more sober note, I've had a painful growth that's giving me trouble and I may have to see the doctor about soon. : (

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