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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Blah blah blah

Well, I'm still in a non-mood. Dunno what it is but it seems to be going around. A couple of other bloggers whose blogs I read regularly have also not been in the mood to write much, although Zoe does a pretty good job once she gets going, LOL

Anyway, my sincerest apologies for being so damn boring lately, but I'm sure it will be over soon.


JohnnyDakota said...

Hey Sister Sunshine,
I decided not to quit blogging on my blog after you made your comment to my last post. I figured what the f&*ck... I do lead a boring life but hey, so does 99% of all the bloggers out there. If I can't write just to write well I might as well be one of those
" Daah...Whaaats a blog?" kinds of people. And since I NEVER want to be one of those fools again, I will continue with my boring blog. SO BLOG ON MY FRIEND! Life may be boring but you are not.

Sister Sunshine said...

Awesome, Johnny! Glad I could be of service. That makes my whole boring existence feel more worthwhile! It's great when we can encourage one another. I'm sure we'll pull out of our respective slumps eventually... I think this time of year there's a lot of apathy.

I'm obsessed with posting an entry for every day... even if I have nothing much to say. However, there's no "blog law" that says you have to do that. Post when the spirit moves ya, bro! Glad you're still with us!
; )

Timoney said...

I just mentioned you this morning in my blog... hope all is well. You have me listed as BFL friend - wondering how your body for life is going? are you doing that still?

Sister Sunshine said...

Ugh. No. No BFL... but I DID walk across town with Selena and her stroller to pick up my son from school today... so that's exercise. (Stopped off and had a couple beers while the kids ate french fries on the way home, though, LOL)