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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Random thoughts

Okay everybody. Your love is apparent. THANK YOU! To the many who have been emailing me with suggestions for my novel. It will be so much better because of all the subtle nuances that are going to be there largely because you cared enough to throw in your 2¢ worth. Keep checking back to see the rewrites with your suggestions. (Chapter 5 will be forthcoming shortly as well)

I also think I'm getting to the bottom of my self sabotage cycle. Setting goals based on personal wishes and dreams may not work for me. I think I need something larger than life... something BEYOND myself for motivation. I'm sure many of you will recognize yourselves in that statment. That is why you run marathons and stuff, right?

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm feeling the need to expand my arena of influence a bit. Staying home alomst 24/7 is killing me. If I CAN'T find a job, then I need to volunteer somewhere a few hours/week. Wish me luck on finding a niche I can fill!
; )


Anonymous said...

good luck!! I'm can completely relate to the whole craziness involved with staying at home. But then whenever I have a job, I wish I was at home instead! ~theotherone

Sister Sunshine said...

Just wait 'til you have kids! LOL