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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

omigod! there's a house under all that rubbish!

Okay. No such thing as spring cleaning around here... but I've been trying to re-situate everything so that I can decorate the mess for the holidays. Call me crazy, but I like hanging up a bunch of lights and stuff.

Hoping to find time and energy to sit down to the "novel" soon... now that I have some real ideas percolating in my head. You'll see it when I do it. I'll post a comment on this blog when I've made any further substantial additions, since I've been so few and far between with 'em.

My fitness plan is currently dead in the water... and I'm REALLY enjoying a healthy dose of White Russians. Mmmmmmmmmmmm 'tis the season.

Well... back to the grind. I've half a dozen loads of laundry to fold, a load of dishes to wash... and oh! A meal to cook?


Anonymous said...

Rethinking this whole holiday thing...rather than cleaning and preparing for guests, the guest could come and "work" for their meal by pitching in with the cleaning, cooking and decorating!

Well, good luck with the house keeping and enjoy the fun stuff like, decorating and drinking, and decorating and drinking, and drinkorating. Does white chocolate work as a substitute for White Russians when you're pregnant? LOL -Jen

Sister Sunshine said...

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... white chocolate is not even a substitute for CHOCOLATE! LOL