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Monday, December 19, 2005

Plan of action

Gosh! My blog is DEAD! Nobody comments anymore. I changed it back to public now that blogger has moderation for comments... but I guess it's going to take some effort on my part to write more and give people something worth stopping by here for.

Well... I think I've finally found traction, so to speak (no more spinning my wheels)

I can't say I'm not nervous, since I'm getting behind on the bills again, but since it's only by a few days so far, it's not too bad... just stinks that I'm so broke at this time of year. But I'll get over it.

I've interviewed with someone who got my resume from craigslist... and it's a job I'd take if it were offered, although I really hadn't planned to do the "9 to 5" again... it's close to home, looks promising (creative environment, interesting people and challenging work) and IS a steady paycheck. They also know I freelance so they won't be upset about that. We'll see...

I also went to see a guy today about working for him, but if he calls back, I will most likely tell him no. He was very annoying both on the phone prior to meeting him as well as in person. I can only imagine the ulcers he causes in those who must be around him from day to day. I have a choice: just say no to misery!

My primary client right now is mulling over the options I gave him for a maintenance agreement and I am working on secondary template sites that are related to the main project. I don't expect to obtain any further funds from that until after the first of the year.

So... what I have decided to do is work on getting the printing I need by bartering. To this end I have compiled a list of local printers who either do not have websites or whose websites could use a little "freshening up" (minor changes such as rollovers for the graphics, etc.)

I'll be pleased as punch if I can barter web services for printing what I need the way I want it to be printed. I'm quite sure my brochures will get me more work once I have them available to hand out.

I don't intend to mass market. I will visit businesses in person, and if they're not at all interested, I won't waste my brochures on them. My goal is to obtain more work than I can handle so I can start putting other people to work as well.

Wish me luck! Although I know my effort is worth a boatload of luck in the long run... luck might get me in the door, but it's my talent that will keep me there.

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