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Monday, December 05, 2005

Plug time...

I've been reading through a site that I feel deserves mentioning here. In fact, I'll probably list it on my links after posting this. The site is and it is a wealth of information for those who are considering the purchase and rigging of a sailboat, as well as for those who are planning to purchase an RV for land-cruising. For example, one tidbit of information I found was this: Walmart allows people in RVs to park overnight! Now, that site was just one that I googled in confirming what I read on Tor's, but... read through Tor's fascinating adventures yourself and see if you don't agree that this fellow has a fabulous ability to paint a picture for you - a talent that I personally value quite highly. He's led an extaordinary life, and I'd love to hear what anyone who reads his material has to say!

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