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Monday, February 18, 2002

I'm back... got the baby down for a nap, and I'm sleepy but I don't trust her to stay asleep long enough to let ME get a decent nap. When she gets up it is time to go out for a walk with her in the stroller, as we have been doing on a daily basis for about a week now. I've been trying to walk a little further every day and get some exercise, as well as tire the kids out some. I was taking ALL of them along, but they were fighting with each other and getting on my nerves so I really couldn't enjoy the walk, so now I'm only taking one kid a day (besides Selena) on "their day" which is predesignated: Sunday is Sarah's, Monday is Joey's, Tuesday is Timmy's, and Friday is Frank's. So on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I'll do my best to get them ALL to come along... but that may change, too, LOL

No matter what I try to do I always feel like it's never enough and the harder I work at it the further behind I seem to fall. Don't know what the solution is... but time will tell on that score, I'm sure. At least I have been getting SOMETHING done!

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