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Saturday, February 09, 2002

It's been a lazy day... had sinus trouble this morning, so I took Benadryl and Sudafed Sinus... then Selena and I went to bed together and nursed/napped from 1-4 this afternoon. Bob took Sarah, Joe, and Tim to see "Big Fat Liar" and they had a good time. Joey spent all of his Christmas money this afternoon buying ice cream from the ice cream truck for all the neighborhood kids. Generous, but a bit foolish, I say.

Got a dilemma to work out with my newsletter... one of the subscribers has been insulting others, and as a result, one of my subscribers said she's thinking about unsubscribing. My dilemma is whether to unsubscribe the offender, let Michelle unsubscribe due to having been offended, or initiate some ground rules. I think I'm going to take the latter route, and lay down the law. I mean, it says "pet peeves from anyone about anything" but it doesn't say "pet peeves from anyone about anyONE". I'm still mulling it over, which is why I have not yet posted the newsletter today. It's getting late, however, and I need to bathe the baby, so I may have to go ahead and bite the bullet, or else bathe the baby and get her to bed before I deal with it.

My son Frank is at a neighbor's house... it's raining and that brings out these little tree frogs we have in the neighborhood. Apparently they scared one in the door, and now it's lost in the house. They're all terrified of it, so they called him to come over and catch it, but it can't be found now... so he's hanging out there watching tv and waiting for the frog to show itself. The stupidest part is that the reason they're all afraid of it is because they are scared that they will get warts if they touch it!!!

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