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Thursday, February 28, 2002

It's been a long day, but I seem to have gotten a lot done. I went to the Post Office and finally mailed out Tim's CD that I promised him over a month ago... went to Respect Life and dropped off some outgrown baby clothes, as well as picking up some things they had that I needed... then I went to pee for the state. After all that I went to two thrift stores and obtained three pairs of long pants for each of my two younger boys, as well as a windbreaker-type jacket for my daughter. I also got several loads of laundry washed & dried, if not folded & put away... ran a load of dishes, and cooked supper as well as making s'mores twice for everyone (after lunch and after dinner) I even bathed the baby... which I skipped last night because it was cold and the heat is not working for some reason... good night!

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