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Friday, January 14, 2005

Just curious...

I'm "on the rag" right now... (sorry guys) and that led to an odd musing. I know that some ladies call it "Aunt Flo" and in the U.K. it seems that "Belinda" is the visitor's preferred moniker. Do you have a name for that time of the month? If so, leave a comment and tell me what it is. (Sorry... no prizes offered here!)


Anonymous said...

Hi there Lydia,
I am the moderator for the HARD DRIVE CAFE group that you recently joined at Yahoo.
I was wondering how you found us. I am afraid I don't remember you as a fixture at the Hard Drive (not to say that you couln't have been) Did you know Dave and Sandy? (or Waxman?)
Anyway, I was only hoping you might return to the group sometime and enlighten us.

Sister Sunshine said...

Gosh. Never know who will come dropping in. Well, I came by with a semi intelligible intro... hope it's good enough for now, LOL

I forgot to mention earlier, I killed our alarm clock by spilling my sports supplement in it this morning... great way to start a day, lemme tell ya