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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oh the agony!

My punishment has arrived. My triceps are so freaking sore from yesterday's bench dips that I can barely lift my arms. Ugh.


JohnnyDakota said...

Keep it up! No pain, no gain (as they say). Or as I like to say, “No pain... Good!”

Don’t hurt yourself sweetie.


Sister Sunshine said...

Oh yeah. Ouch. UGH. You were saying? Heh heh...

um, well... my forearms and hands DON'T hurt, neither does my head, neck or hips. But tomorrow that might change.

The first week back is the worst. After that it won't hurt all over anymore... only the muscle groups that I target for an extra push. (One each workout...)

Andy said...

I feel exactly the same. Doing dips with a 50lb cast iron plate strapped around your waste isnt the way to go if you not addicted to pain. Best of luck with working out :-)

Sister Sunshine said...

Uh... I do believe it'll be a while before I do such a thing... but if I feel I need to do that in orger to achieve the definition I crave, I will!
: )

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