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Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday, Monday...

Got up early this morning cuz Sarah overslept & missed the bus. She's afraid to miss school due to the FCAT exams, even though she's feeling sick.

After I came home I stayed up to try and get a jump on some things but didn't get as far as I would have hoped. I had two telephone interviews today... one of which I decided was more appropriate for my son, and the other was too far for not enough money.

I also had to go to Ft. Lauderdale today to meet with a recruiter for a temp agency. Dunno whether or not that will become anything or not.

Then I went to east Hollywood to pick up a computer monitor for Annette from a Freecycler. I hope it works! Annette is supposed to come and get it tomorrow.

On the way home from there I got a phone call from Ron, who owns the Computer Cafe at FCC. Frankie and I had taken turns tutoring him... and he had also paid another FCC student for tutoring... and now he would like a website. So I'm going to meet with him next week. Since he's on a low budget, he offered me 5% of the website's profits... sounds pretty good. He's a talented chef, and he'll be marketing a food item that he's come up with.

Later I went to work at Telephone Takeout and one of the other employees wants to get/build/buy a computer, as well as get some tutoring to learn how to use one. I can help with that!
: )

Having a pretty good day, all things considered.

Oh... and I found out stuff my boss wanted me to know in order to help him with a project he has... that's always useful.

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