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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My butt hurts!

I've been sitting here all day working like the devil on a job I'm only getting $30 for... but I'm such a perfectionist I can't stop!

I spent hours scouring the web for free fonts to match the font in the client's logo... then my partner kept asking me to make tedious changes. Ugh.

I've been so sick I should be in bed resting, but that ain't gonna happen. The doc's office called me in a new 'script for a stronger antibiotic... and I'm gonna go there at 10am tomorrow for a breathing treatment. ($20 co-pay to go there as opposed to $50 for the ER!)

If I stay sick much longer I'm going to have to borrow my neighbor's nebulizer. I can't keep paying $20 for treatments...

I was coughing so badly at work last night, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if one or more of the customers called back to ask Barry why the hell someone so sick was working for him!

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