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Friday, February 11, 2005

Did the fat lady sing yet?

Some of you may recall this post or this post from last fall... about my resigning from the Freecycle Network as moderator. I did not leave altogether, just stepped down to become a regular member. I believe in Freecycle and what they're trying to do.

Well... the latest blitz is that the two moderators who were giving me so much grief have renamed their groups to "Freesource" and have gone independent. Wow. In doing so, they basically hijacked thousands of unsuspecting members... who may not be upset about it, but in the opinions of many, should have been asked first. This is the problem I had with those moderators to begin with: they decide for other people what is best without asking, or being diplomatic/democratic about it. IMHO a group should be polled to ask what everyone thinks before drastic changes are made... and these ladies never wanted to do that. I suspect that it's possible neither one of them has children, and that both are accustomed to dealing only with animals. With animals, you MUST order them around, and can NOT give them choices. But if you treat children that way, they will rebel... hate you... and in general, it's not a good way to obtain HUMAN cooperation.

It's sad that some people feel the need to control others... but we can't dictate what they do or we'd be just as bad. All we can do is accept that there are folks who truly do NOT believe in a democratic process... and hope to God they don't harm anyone with their behavior.

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