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Saturday, September 25, 2004

This, that, and the other...

In addition to preparing for the hurricane, I've had to contend with a power play from another moderator attempting to take over my Freecycle group. She actually went in and changed her priviliges so that she had the power to delete my group, if she so desired... and I suspect she was trying to demote me from owner to member (which can only be done by another owner... not by a moderator)

Therefore I had no choice but to protect my group by demoting HER to the status of member... as well as another co-moderator whose priviliges she chose to change at the same time she changed hers... they are both of the same opinion regarding things that we disagreed on, so I decided better safe than sorry.

I have also backed up the membership list of my group, in case they find another way to circumvent my authority... but this is all so childish and petty, especially with this monster storm approaching... I really wish I had a B.O.B. to kick and punch on a bit! I would never attack a real person... but these martial arts training supplies are pretty nifty.


ladycharlie said...

You go girl! Show her who's boss!

Btw, I've posted a comment on your post previous to this one but it doesn't seem to be recognising it as it still shows 0 Haloscan comments.

Sister Sunshine said...

Weird. This one's blogger comments and it also said zero!

Well, the founder of Freecycle said that he agreed with me that she overstepped her bounds when she gave herself the right to delete my group. Only HE has that right... as he is made co-owner of all Freecycle groups. (He's NEVER exercised that right, that I know of... he's a really nice guy!)
: )

Robert D. said...

Don't you hate it when power just goes to their heads?
Good call Sunshine!

Sister Sunshine said...

It ain't over yet. The two neighboring moderators are doing their utmost to make me look bad as well as aggravate me so that I'll either 1. Give up my group voluntarily, or 2. Be banned from the freecycle network.

The one moderator MAY be innocent... but my gut instinct is she's just crying foul as part of the game the two of them are playing. We'll see... I've already chosen a replacement if I decide to chuck the headaches and leave freecycle altogether.