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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

If you're honest with your responses, I think this quiz is pretty accurate!

Outgoing (E) 51.35% Withdrawn (I) 48.65%
Imaginative (N) 60% Realistic (S) 40%
Emotional (F) 56.76% Intellectual (T) 43.24%
Improvised (P) 65.63% Organized (J) 34.38%
Your type is: ENFP
You are an Inspirer, possible professions include: conference planner, HR development trainer, ombudsman, clergy, journalist, newscaster, career counselor, housing director, character actor, marketing consultant, musician/composer, artist, information-graphics designer, human resource manager, merchandise planner, advertising account manager, dietician/nutritionist, speech pathologist, massage therapist, editor/art director.
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1 comment:

Steven Armstrong said...

I took the quiz and it was right on the money! My profile is INTP. The results said "You are an architect", and I do have a Master's degree in Information Architecture. Some of the professions suggested were Software Designer, Systems Analyst and Computer Programmer. That's good, since that's what I spend 5 days a week doing! :)