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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Homeschoolers beware...

One of the ladies in my local homeschool group was kind enough to forward this ominous piece of evidence that the spirit of Hitler is not yet dead:


Lamplighters cyber cafe said...

I home schooled two kids, one for seven years and the other for three. The oldest skipped over one grade when he returned into the system and the girl is advanced into classes for gifted students.

The only error that I made was that we became islands protecting ourselves from the outside world within our own universe.

Sister Sunshine said...

We haven't really had that problem, but then, we're not exactly isolated here in south Florida. My oldest went to maybe one or two years of ps, but very little "formal" education. He took his GED at 16 and started college, where he made straight A's. I will most likely homeschool my youngest... because her birthday is September 5th and I'll be damned if I'm holding her back a year because her birthday is 5 days too late!
; )